Basic composting

Media theory and DVD composting

Basic composting

This is my first blog for Media theory and DVD composting subject. It will be my first entry as well. I will talk about my first video that I made with Adobe After Effect. It made me recognize Adobe Premiere but I think it is different. I have been learning Adobe program. For instance, illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Premiere as well.

I really enjoyed with this subject. I feel confidence and interested in my first video and tutorial. Jonathan is my tutor for this subject. He explained clearly about the task. However, I can follow and understand every step that he explained to me. I impress this subject and my tutor. However, I have learn some effect in After Effect program. It really is useful for my knowledge.

This is my first video!!


I never used After Effect program before, so I search about the basic After Effect. I found this article, which clearly explain about 10 basic after effect. They also have video tutorials for beginner. It is really useful for me to learn basic of after effect. This article explained each step of basic with the video such as Effect, Animation and 3D Integration etc. I got new knowledge from this article and I hope it can useful for my assignment as well.


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