After Effect Assignment 1

This is my first assignment for After Effect, I have learned about the kinetic typography in last week. So, I have to make one kinetic typography video. My video is about one situation in The Big Bang Theory season1. I really love this movie. It’s about the first time that Leonard and Sheldon have met their new neighbor. Her name is Penny. I have used the comic sans and BadaBoom BB fonts because I think both of them are good fonts. So, I think this movie is really funny and I should use the fonts that can demonstrate it. I have learned a lot of technique in the tutorial class. I try to create a perfectly video and make it smooth. I got a problem with keyframe because I confused about it. I want to change position or rotation. I always forget to make a keyframe from start first then move it. However, I understand how it works about the keyframe in this assignment. Finally, I really interested with this assignment.

This is my video!!

Reference :
BestBigBangTheory, 27 February, 2010, ” Best of The Big Bang Theory Episode 1 “,, viewed 27 March 2013

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