Week 5 colour grading

In this week, I have learned about colour grading. We create colour for the video. This task we also have to choose the scenes and edit it. In my opinion, the colours have meaning and can give a feeling. For example, red colour make you feel hot and blue colour make you feel cold. Also, light and shadow is important for video as well. However, if you know how the colour work and use it correctly, you would create fantastic video. Moreover, the same video but different colour can make you feel difference. For instance, black and white colour make you feel about the past but blue or light blue make you feel about the future.

This is my colour grading video!!


During this week, I have been looking for colour correction effect. I found some tips about colour correction and I think it really useful for me. There are 5 tips in this article that talk about colour in after effect. In addition, it has images that show about before and after use the effect. I’m interested with photo filter effect. This effect can make warming and cooling colour. This article is really helpful for me because I don’t know this effect before.

Reference: http://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/after-effects-color-correction/

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