Week 6 Chroma keying and masking

In this week, I have learned about make cloning video. I shoot video of my self in this class. Then, I edited it in Adobe After Effect program. In my opinion, I think it really difficult to make it when I saw the example video. Actually, it is not hard to edit it but it is hard to make it smooth and look real. However, I really enjoyed with this class because I never do cloning video before and this is my first time to create my cloning video. Moreover, I think the most important thing is planning because when you should the video, you have to organize where the first character should stand and another character as well. Also, if you have good planning, it would easy for you to edit your video and make it better.

This is my video!!

During this week, I have been looking at cloning video. I found another example video and tips for create cloning video. This video is one of my most favorites. It has some tips to create cloning. In addition, I like the idea of how the creator demonstrates it. Also, his camera technique is really good and he can combine both of technique together. I think this video is really useful for me.

Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=Srt07MIrRRo

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