After Effect Assignment 2: Video FX Scene

This is my second assignment for After Effect. I have created a short video FX about cracked floor and jumper effects. So, I did a research about both effects. I got some idea about it. My idea is about two guys going to class and they jump from somewhere to front of their building. In that scene, I used the cracked images. I found some images about the cracked floor on the Internet.

In the scene, I used the effect the same as jumper but I used it with the door in front of building. I can go inside the building and don’t need to open the door. Also, I have approximately three or four camera shots for this video. When I made this video, I got some problems about distort effect and the cracked floor as well. I try to make it smooth and look realistic. However, I can solve it and I’m enjoyed with my video. Furthermore, I did a research about tutorial of those effects on YouTube. I got many tips from the tutor because some effects in the video tutorial, I never use before. Moreover, I try to do my best for create this video. I hope the audience enjoyed my video.

This is my video!!

Cracked images

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