Assignment3 Final submission

Friends War is a story of two young men, Pongsakorn and Thanakorn, who have been friend since they were high school. They go everywhere and do everything together. Two friends are intimate partners and best friends until one day they get bored of themselves and each other. Thanakorn decided to ask Pogsakorn to do play a game with him. The violence game will turn a close friend into the greatest enemy. It is a time for two friends to go against each other. The game that might change their friendship forever.

Here is a Final Assignment Video!!

How does the finished product compare to the original idea?
Compare with the original idea, it is a little bit different. We have changed the location and script.

We use two cameras and tripod during the shooting.
We meet each other every day. So, we can discuss about this project anytime.

How the group worked together?
Actually, we worked very well in every part of project. We also help each other.

A short list of main Video FX applied in Adobe After Effect:
-color correction
-muzzle flash
-bullet holes
-color key



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