Assignment3 Final submission

Friends War is a story of two young men, Pongsakorn and Thanakorn, who have been friend since they were high school. They go everywhere and do everything together. Two friends are intimate partners and best friends until one day they get bored of themselves and each other. Thanakorn decided to ask Pogsakorn to do play a game with him. The violence game will turn a close friend into the greatest enemy. It is a time for two friends to go against each other. The game that might change their friendship forever.

Here is a Final Assignment Video!!

How does the finished product compare to the original idea?
Compare with the original idea, it is a little bit different. We have changed the location and script.

We use two cameras and tripod during the shooting.
We meet each other every day. So, we can discuss about this project anytime.

How the group worked together?
Actually, we worked very well in every part of project. We also help each other.

A short list of main Video FX applied in Adobe After Effect:
-color correction
-muzzle flash
-bullet holes
-color key



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Week13 Rough cut and presentation

In this week, we still edit the video and still looking for another effect to use in this video. Then, we work with the typography. We use some effect with it and try to make it look excited.

This is how it looks like.

We use scale to make it excited.

However, we also have presentation in this week. We have to show our rough cut video and tell them about our story in the presentation class.

This is our rough cut video!!

We got some feedback from the audience and we are going to change and fix some of shot and might be add some another effect in this video.

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Week12 Edit and re-shoot video

In this week, we start editing video. We edit in the first part of story that about friendship. We cut many shot of them and combine it together. We want to create many shot of views. So, we use medium shot and long shot of two friends but we think long shot it is not going to work. So, we use only medium shot. We also use typography in this video. Then, we edit the action part of movie. We use muzzle flash effect for make it look like a gun and also use bullet hole effect.

Edit screen shot1
This shot we are using muzzle flash effect

Edit screen shot
In this part, it is a bit difficult for us because we use handheld to film this shot. So, when you footage has move, the effect should follow the footage and also you have to make it look smooth. However, we have edited the video and we all agree that we should have more shots about their friendship. So, we film some more shots for friends’ scene. In the friendship part, we use the sepia colour because I want to make it look like their memory.

This is more shots of their activities.
Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.38.32 AM
In this shot, we are using long shot.

In this shot, we are using medium shot.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.38.53 AM
In this shot, we are using lower-angle shot.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.39.21 AM
In this shot, it is also medium shot.

sepia colour
This is the example of sepia colour that we use in video.

This is muzzle flash video tutorial!!

This is bullet hole video tutorial!!

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Week11 Filming video

In this week, we are going to start filming the movie. The first location that we choose is the park behind Swinburne. Then, the first scene that we are going to shoot is two friends do activities together. For example, they meet each other and go to everywhere together. Afterwards, we shoot many scenes about their friendship in this place. Also, we shoot action scene in the ATC building and we think about what effects that we are going to use in this scene. So, we have shot fighting scene that we use tripods instead the gun and use handheld for shooting. we are going to edit it in next week.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 10.05.01 AM
This shot we film at the park behind Swinburne and its about two friends meet each other.


These shots we are filming action shots at the ATC building.

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Week 10 Story and Scene

In this week, we have a group meeting and also brainstorm about our story. We have some idea about the action movie. We think we want to create something like two best friends fighting together. We talk about this idea in a group meeting and we all agree with this idea. Then, we continue brainstorm about what is the first scene that we should start and also where we are going to shoot it. In the first scene, we are going to shoot about two friends’ activities. We have looking for many locations around Swinburne and the building in Swinburne as well. Therefore, we decide to film it next week.

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Week 9 Inspiration for Assignment3

In this week, I have look for many kind of movie such as comedy, drama, horror and action. Then, I found a good inspiration video on YouTube. It is an action movie and I got some idea for assignment three. Furthermore, our group has a group meeting and I told them about action movie that I have found. So, we decide to create an action movie trailer. We have to think about our story and what effect we are going to use in the movie. Therefore, we have to find some idea for our story and also think about the scene and location in the movie. We will discuss about it in next meeting.

This is my inspiration about action video!!!

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Week8 assignment 3 preparation

Satinee, Pongsakorn and I have formed a group for assignment3. We have to create a 60-90 second video with effect.
We discussed about the video and we are going to create movie trailer. It is a new genre for our group because we never do it before. Then, we still looking for about kind of movie that we are going to create a trailer. We decide to look for personally inspiration. So, I have looking for inspiration for this video such as Action, Comedy and Drama. However, I’m still looking for another inspiration for this assignment.

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